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  • DAY 1: : Rome upon arrival check at your hotel. Full day at disposal for the initial discovery of the Eternal city. You have a 72 hours hop op hop off card that allows you to explore the city. Board your double deck bus. Not only will the kids enjoy the scenery. The view from the top will let you enjoy the creasy roman traffic from above. Make a full tour at the beginning to have an idea of the city then decide where you want to stop. Just remember to stop at Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore to get your free gelato at Gelateria Santa Maria Maggiore located in Via Cavour. This Ice cream shop is one of the best in town and in business since 1909. From the Gelateria take left on via Santa Maria Maggiore and get in the middle of Monti district the most fashionable place to be in Rome. Monti is not only the oldest part of Rome, the ancient Suburra of the Roman time, but it is now a free traffic area with nice unique shops and the most trendy restaurants and bars in town. You can have a full meal in one of the many restaurants or just take a pizzetta an authentic delicatessen for only 2.50 euros (via Urbana) or get an amazing plate of homemade pasta cooked in front of you with the sauce you prefer in via del Boschetto or try the fritto misto a little farther up. For a full Italian meal or a large pizza or focaccia dont forget to stop at Ristorante Strega they have a wonderful place to eat outside and they offer the best unusual tiramisu !
  • DAY 2: Rome after breakfast is time for your tour to Coliseum and the Forum with our smart, amusing and professional guides and within our small group of people. We suggest continuing the roman time discovery taking the kids to Bocca della Verita (the double deck bus stop just in front of it) then take a stroll around the Aventino Hill. See the Botanical Rose Garden; stop by the Giardino degli aranci for an amazing view of the city. Just little further look through the famous HOLE and admire the San Peter cupola. The palace and gardens are the headquarters of the Knights of Malta since the 15th century but this magical place was the palace of the 8th king of Rome Alberico. Tourcrafters offers with a special permit an incredible tour of the place.
  • DAY 3: Rome so many things to see! Lets spend the morning visiting the PARIONE district. This part of Rome is definitely the most popular and frequented by tourists with the bustling Piazza Navona , with its famous fountains , street artists and portrait painters , the Pantheon and Campo de ' Fiori , with its lively and colorful market where a large number of young get at night to have a drink and a chat after dinner . A large amount of trendy cafes, bars and restaurants with outdoor seating, pizzerias shear help to make even livelier this neighborhood. But if you want a real treat you must try the picchiapo the old times roman gourmet version of the sloppy Joe. The perfect bread with the perfect mixture of savory meats. And the perfect lunch for a little more than 6 euros. Cross the Tiber River for a glance of St Peter Square and church then get to Trastevere. Get away from the crowd and relax at the Botanical Garden
  • DAY 4: Rome another full day in the Eternal city where for sure we can spend months maybe years before we are done with all the discoveries! Escape the hot weather with our private biking tour of Villa Borghese (optional) then from the gardens descent to Piazza di Spagna and get a chance to throw you coin in the Trevi fountain.
  • DAY 5: Florence After breakfast it is time to board your high speed train, another experience for your kids! On arrival check in at hotel . Time on your own to wander around the city and maybe reach the Boboli Gardens. A wonderful park and a museum at the same time, it will be a perfect location to relax and let the kids run around. From there the Oltrarno district is just on your way. Still full of botteghe artigiane where you can stop and let the kids realized how the things where done a while ago and still are in Florence . The whole area around the Piazza di Santo Spirito still thrums with artisanal traditions. Theres nothing like watching the artisans at work In this area you will still find bookbinding and handmade marbled paper mosaics handcrafted from Murano glass handmade shoes and jewelry
  • DAY 6: Florence It is time for your Florence with kids tour the perfect tour to discover the city in an engaging and original way, with a passionate and specialized local guide, able to fascinate kids and young people through stories, anecdotes and legends, while adults will be able to appreciate the historical and artistic aspect of Florence along a route that touches all the landmarks of the old center. This pleasant stroll will start from Piazza della Repubblica, where children will discover the Roman origins of the city; from here, they will reach the famous "Piglet", the most photographed and lucky statue of the city, whose shiny nose is caressed by all visitors. Admiring the Ponte Vecchio on the right, participants will reach then the marvelous Piazza della Signoria Here kids will be captivated by original stories of secret passages, vanished churches, navigators and great artists. The tour proceeds then to Dante Alighieri's neighborhood, where participants will stroll along the same streets where even the "Great Poet" grew when he was a child. Here, a little surprise will be waiting for the younger participants: they will meet Pinocchio, the most famous "wooden puppet" in the world. Don't let them miss the opportunity to take a nice souvenir photo with him! A refreshing, mouth-watering stop will follow, with a delicious artisanal "gelato" tasting in an historical ice-cream shop. The itinerary finally reaches the Cathedral, where to admire the famous Brunelleschi'sDome, the Baptistery and the Bell Tower and listen to fascinating stories of bizarre creatures, magical plants and astonishing animals
  • DAY 7: Florence Day at leisure . You can choose to spend the day in the Chianti area to visit the Cinque Terre or have an amazing adventure at the Carrara Marble Querries driving a 4x 4 car. . Or spend few hours taking a cooking class with your kids . This is a truly involving experience for children, teenagers and adults: the whole family will put "hands-on" and will carry out traditional recipes of Italian pizza and "gelato" (Italian ice-cream)! The kids will get involved in a fun and educational game and, along with adults, they will learn how to cook the dishes that represent the essence of the healthy "Mediterranean diet"! An expert chef will guide them in a magic world of colors and aromas, to let them express their creativity! Kids will have the opportunity to prepare the funniest (and most delicious) pizza of their life, getting their hands dirty with flour, befor to bake it in a real "wood oven"! The same pizza dough will be used then to create savory croissants of various shapes. The activity includes then the preparation of three different flavors of the true homemade Italian "gelato": all kids (and possibly adults..) will love this! Ended the course, all participants will have lunch enjoying all together what prepared, to live a real "Italian life style" family experience!
  • DAY 8: Florence Today you will venture off the tourist track in Florence on a 2.5-hour electric bike tour to see where the Renaissance citys artists and scientists lived and worked. Enjoy an effortless ride through the streets of this popular city with an expert guide. The countryside around Florence is full of surprises: antique villas, churches, monasteries, magnificent hills planted with olive trees and vineyards, breathtaking views. In these places the greatest Florentine master artists and scientists lived and worked: Michelangelo worked on the fortifications of San Miniato, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Annunciation now in the Uffizi Gallery, Galileo Galilei, the first modern scientist, lived in the Villa dellOmbrellino and Villa Il Gioiello. Enrico Fermi, father of nuclear physics together with Albert Einstein, worked in the Astronomical Observatory of Arcetri placed on the homonymous hill. Our new electric bicycle and an experienced guide will allow you to discover the beauty of these places in comfort, without effort, under the shade of old cypress trees, where the air is clean and the time has stopped.
  • DAY 9: Venice After breakfast your fast train will take in a little more than an hour to Venice. For Kids the ride onboard of the vaporetto (ferry) is an adventure on itself.! In the afternoon we have scheduled for you an original and pleasant way to explore Venice with your family. The Treasure Hunt I Mori di Venezia suits you well! A funny activity, to take in the views and stroll about the wonderful labyrinth of the Cannaregio Quarter. Lets discover the secrets of the Venetian calli, campielli and fondamenta with an amazing treasure hunt for the whole family! Odd masks, funny characters, mysterious secret codes and unforgettable legends will be some topics of our exploration that will take place between Fondamenta della Misericordia, the evocative Jewish Ghetto and the fascinating Campo della Madonna dellOrto.
  • DAY 10: : Venice Today 9 o clock in the morning you will enjoy the Lost Treasure of Marco Polo tour a walk through the city of Marco Polo and a jump back to Venice during medieval time. You start visiting Palazzo Loredan, once the house of seven Doges of Mocenigo Family and nowadays Institute of Science, Literature and Arts where you will admire some details of interior architecture of the Palace as well as its bust collection including the most important charactersof Venice. Walking through hidden calli (Venetian narrow alleys) you then reach Corte del Milion and the house where Marco Polo lived. Nowadays the Marco Polos House, totally renovated in 1993, hosts the Malibran Theatre. During its restoration, archeologists found many important objects belonged to the Polo family including a rare purple glass produced in Murano in the 1300 B.C.. After a short walk you reach the Rialto Market where an entire area named Erbaria was specifically dedicated only to the spices imported from Asia and from the rest of the world by Marco Polo and by Venetian traders. Here you will discover how the prices of spices and fish were calculated in the past. Aboard a private water taxi, travelling through part of the Grand Canal and smaller canals, you then reach Murano Island and visit a glass factory where an expert glass master, with the same ancient technique used in the past, will create in front of you a copy of the purple glass of Marco Polo.
  • DAY 11: Venice What about a special treat? Our tour (optional) 1 DAY with a FISHERMAN is something you and your kids will never forget. Relax, have fun and experience Venice from the open lagoon on a two houres fishing excursion between the islands. From a traditional Venetian fishing boat, you will see breathtaking views of the islands and most famous sights of Venice while also living Venice as only real Venetians do. You will feel the tides and currents of the lagoon. Your captain, an expert Venetian fisherman, will teach about our native fish and Venetian fishing techniques and, of course, bring in the catch! Meanwhile, you will pass some of the most important monuments in Venice, maybe even cast your net just beside one. Altogether, there is no closer experience of the culture of the Venetian lagoon than this. The VENETIAN CRAFTSMEN WORKSHOP: MASKS, FOOD, GLASS AND MORE Tour option will otherwise take you to the exclusive Venetian Ateliers and it will show you how the most famous traditional products are created. Over the centuries Venice has provided superior quality handmade products that were exported all over the world for the use of the privileged few Far from the beaten tracks, you will discover and make tours the pearls of Venice's top handcraft tradition: velvets, brocades, marbleized paper, books and leather bindings, Papier-mâché Carnival masks, gold and silver jewellery, beads and other wonders.
  • DAY 12: Venice After breakfast end of services. Not ready to leave? Take your kids to Italian Lakes for windsurfing on Garda Lake or to the Alps for a full day of trekking

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